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Summer Sunrise at Tacara - Bible Study #3

So 5 Baptists, 4 Catholics, 2 Bible Churchers, 2 Non-Denominationals, and a Methodist … walk into a bar - just kidding! That’s actually the current composition of our group. 4 of us are members at HCBC Steiner, but as you probably know we are not an official HCBC program. It might be more accurate to say we’re an HCBCx event - independently organized by Adam and I.

We can, however, directly trace our spiritual lineage back to the HCBC Men’s ministry, and specifically to our small group led by Mike Tipps. Mike will be opening us in prayer again this week!

While our group is non-denominational, or perhaps better termed interdenominational, we are definitely committed to evangelism, in that we are trying to reach out to our community @ Tacara! That said, please feel free to invite anyone you feel led to invite.


Our study this week is based on John 1: 1-14 with a special emphasis on v. 14:

“The Word (Logos) became flesh and made his dwelling* among us. We have seen (beheld) his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” *The greek words used here literally mean “pitched his tent.” Isn’t that amazing ...

And finally - Kalyna & Fabio & Becca are hosting breakfast again!




I know we have several traveling for work this week and Rich is on a Mission Trip to New York. Seems like the perfect time to launch our FB and any other social media outreach.

We have an updated Video Trailer which incorporates the scene from “The Chosen” that corresponds with the heart of our Bible Study and then uses the updated graphic/digital flyer and a daily countdown to our meeting. It uses the same link ( ) for ease of use - so if you view it today it will show “3 Days to Go.” You can also download the Graphic on this page as well.

I’m hoping that one or more of you with more social media savvy might help w/ a first promotion on our Tacara FB page? Let me know - thx.

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