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Your donation will help us to continue this important work!  We have three incredible video projects in production — "My Dad and Michael Hatcher: A Kingdom Love Story," “Extremists for Life” and “For God’s Design II: Jesus & Gender” — but need funds to continue their development.  We also need contributions to continue the development of our permanent website which is being engineered to resist efforts to cancel or censor our voices!  


We are currently in the process of Board Formation and Legal/Administrative work in re-establishing TakeUp.Org as a 501(c)(4).  During this interim period donations may be made to Founder and Creative Director Rob Hurlburt.  Please send your contribution made out to "Rev. Robert E. (Rob) Hurlburt" and write in the memo field "TakeUp.Org".  Mail to TakeUp.Org c/o Rob Hurlburt at 4306 N. Quinlan Park Rd. #4311, Austin, Texas, 78732. 


Alternatively, if you use Zelle, you may send by using roberthurlburt@me as the identifier.

Founder Rob Hurlburt - Ministry Credentials

Rev. Robert E. (Rob) Hurlburt

Founder and Creative Director - TakeUpOrg (2023)

Licensed to Preach, North Richland Hills Baptist Church (Fort Worth), 1985

Youth and College Pastor, Riverbend Baptist Church (Austin), 1991-1993

Ordained to Gospel Ministry, Riverbend Baptist Church (Austin), 1993

CEO, Christian Ad Agency “Sovrenti IMG,” 2002-2010

MA/PhD Program, Psychology of Religion, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1991-1993 (In Hiatus, last PhD interview with Princeton Theological Seminary, 1993)

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