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The STAND - July 4, 2024

Eventually we will get off our knees in prayer, or pull our heads out of the sand, or both. And when we do we will STAND!  The STAND is an idea and hopefully a movement based on the fact that we are, or have been, a Christian Nation.  Regardless, it is where we want to live!

Nearly 20 years ago the inaugural event for TakeUp.Org was the 4th of July Rally at the Texas Capitol featuring Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council.  It was the first major rally in the nation in response to the first Same-Sex Marriages in Massachusetts.

But that's not the most important point at all.  Rather, it's that the Holy Spirit (yes, the Holy Spirit of God) approved of HOW we did it.  Tell me the last time you went to a political rally where both sides ended up holding hands in prayer? After death threats? Behind yellow police barriers?? 


All from the South Steps of the beautiful Texas Capitol.  The Great FW Pastor Michael Hatcher led the Kingdom Kids to speak the truth in love! But at the end a Gay Activist couple tried to break through the barricade to upstage the event and seal it with a kiss (they later said).  When they tried, Michael grabbed one of their arms and held them in place.  He then invited the crowd to join us on the stage for prayer!


To understand, you need to watch the 7 minute video on the home page.  Interestingly, immediately after the event two different witnesses reported seeing similar visions of a giant, flaming yellow sword descending and replacing those yellow police barriers -- exactly at the moment Michael intervened!

It's important to note that the idea to organize the event also came as a result of a vision ... 

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Requiem for a Vision

May 17, 2004

Rob Hurlburt

As I looked out over the horizon, surveyed the lake and the hills, then turned and watched my wife and son playing catch in the pool, I felt a brief serenity. As I reflected, however, on the events of the day, I began to grieve as I realized that we were going to lose this war, this Second American Civil War.


I had just saved a screen shot from CNN at 5:30 PM, May 17, 2004, and the headline was about a Busy Hurricane Season Forecast -- not a single mention of gay marriage on the top 2/3 of the site. I watched a video news segment from the BBC, and realized more than ever the importance of our (the church) reaction to this issue. If there was little reaction, the narrator said, clearly more states would line up to quickly follow suit. 

With a very few notable exceptions, I was just overwhelmed by the complete apathy in the Church, and particularly with our Pastors. I could be disgusted, angry, and frustrated after proclaiming in so many words and messages to ears that were deafer than dead. But it was grief that overtook me. I wept.  

Now, I know that His Kingdom in Heaven will be our eternal joy. I trust Him in this, but I cannot imagine it (1 Corinthians 2:9). I suppose that many of the ecclesia have chosen to cocoon themselves and their families and await God's judgment. Please remember, however, the words of our Lord when he taught us to pray "thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven." 


I leaned out on the balcony and I began to pray; truthfully I just opened my heart and listened. I shuddered as I began to grasp what was about to happen. Horrible.

Now, I pleaded with the Lord, I begged Him. Over and over I heard that still, small voice insist "This will not stand."  Behind me all the world was oblivious to what was about to happen! I asked Him again, was there any way to avoid this?


I cannot honestly tell you that I believe any of the following will happen; but I will share with you what I saw in my mind.

I saw the Nation's Capital, and a montage of all the state's capitals, with millions and millions of people assembled. More people than have ever assembled publicly in our nation's history. Nothing, nothing has ever been close.

The Faithful!

No one carried a sign in protest. No one yelled. In fact, they were silent. There were others screaming and taunting, but the silent masses moved into place.


No one made any action to draw personal attention.  No speaker.  No words.  As far as the eye could see, the silent majority fell on their knees, fell face first.  Praying, weeping, asking God's forgiveness for the sins our nation has committed.

Then I heard a man saying he couldn't come and I began to tell him and many others ·

"Why do you worry about your job, position and stature? These things are already lost and worthless.  Your plans and commitments and schedules and vacations and weddings, and yes, your funerals – for every reason you can concoct and every sound rationale you give for not participating · unacceptable."

The sin you have committed is worthy of judgment.   You are without excuse.

"The lame will endure true hardship, but they will come. The deaf will hear by their bones the thunderous march when my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves before me (and if before me, then before all who can see) and pray, and commit themselves anew ... 


The whole world will see that my Spirit is with this people.

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