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Week 61 Update

Hello All – 


I hope everyone had a great holiday! Rebecca and I want to share some news regarding the “Extremists for Life” {“E4L”) project and the urgency surrounding the completion of the first phase before the 2024 Republican primary. Why would we say there is an urgency?  Most polls list abortion as a top 3 issue this year. Unbelievably, the Pro-Abortion community thinks that is their winning hand – and frankly, they are 100% correct if we do not mount a strong campaign very soon to explain/defend the Texas law and our position on abortion.


If you are not aware, in just the past 6 weeks our friend, Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine (a fellow E4L participant) has been attacked and slandered relentlessly by numerous media outlets including:  Texas Monthly, NY Times, UK Guardian, Texas Tribune, Business Insider, MSNBC (no surprise there), and on and on, and on.  Just google “John Devine abortion.”  Their reporting demonizes John as a man who would happily sacrifice his wife Nubia on the altar of his Pro-Life fantasies. 


Several articles cite a Devine video, “Elizabeth’s Story” and claim that it says at the beginning “What if your beliefs were so powerful, they allowed you to fearlessly risk your life for the life of your unborn child?”  What is the problem with their reporting? It is filled with lies and misinformation. How would I know? Many of you know I created “Elizabeth’s Story,” which was shown at Elizabeth’s Memorial Service. It is a simple, but beautiful, photo animation that has no dialogue (or writing) except for a brief intro.


So far, the Devine Campaign has said nothing in response to these vicious attacks. There could be potential problems relating to John, such as recusals, and other challenges given all the abortion cases coming before the Court in 2024. 


Some have argued that John should just ignore the attacks and simply dismiss this as “well that’s what the left does … they’re liars so what’s the point in responding?”   Everything! In this election year of 2024, we are going to have to DEFEND our Pro-Life position, if only to win some Independents and bring out the vote of The Church. Hearts, minds, and lives are at stake. The future direction of our country is at stake! The Bible says in Nehemiah 4:14 to “Fight for your Family!”  


I think most of you would agree, by not responding to the lies, we are allowing the Left to paint John as a true-life ruler from Gilead, the fictional universe in a civil war-torn America in “The Handmaids Tale” which could not be further from the truth.  An article in The Nation magazine makes that exact claim!


Rebecca and I have spoken with John at length about a fast-track production of an expanded “Elizabeth’s Story” to share the truth of John and Nubia’s decision to simply be obedient to God as the author of Elizabeth’s Life!”  It will include interviews with Nubia, friends and family who supported them along the way.  


Elizabeth was the original inspiration behind “Extremists For Life” which was first introduced a couple of years ago. However, this updated version of the documentary will also focus on vitally important portions of the ongoing/unfolding amazing story of Bethany Smith – “Bethany’s Story.”  After completing Bethany and Elizabeth we will focus on the Welch family story.  In telling these moving E4L Pro-Life stories we share our Christian testimony to a lost world and know that in doing so we glorify God as THE REASON for our Pro-Life obedience.


I will be leading the fundraising efforts (independent of John’s official campaign) starting immediately working with WomenOnTheWall.Org  who will handle the administration of the project. In the meantime, I hope you will check out the latest trailer + excerpts for E4L. We have made numerous additions and improvements to Bethany’s incredible story as well and created a new intro section.  


Please view at:  (Vimeo password = wow)


Note: This version is still password protected since it has not been finalized for showing to the general public. However, please feel free to share with Christian friends and family.






PS - Please let me know if you, or others you know, might be able to donate to this project.  We have numerous expenses, including studio rentals in Austin and Houston.  Here’s the donate link to

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