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Re-creation of the TakeUpOrg Website, Blog/Article and Video System

The TakeUpOrg website, circa 2008 (yes, that’s 15 years ago), was an absolute state-of-the-art — for any industry — web and video delivery system. Here’s a screenshot from then:

No, we weren’t just focused on opposing Obama but it was definitely a major topic! Look at the video menu on the right and you can see it was just one of many playlists.

The new TakeUpOrg (note: the dot is missing so as not to generate a link) website is being built to be a totally self-contained system — can’t really divulge more than that. I should mention that my years in the private sector as the head of several New Media Labs, including the Hearst-Belo New Media Lab, definitely come in handy at this point! The design and technology for the first TakeUpOrg was built by another venture of mine - the Christian Ad Agency and New Media Lab, Sovrenti IMG. Watch the short Sovrenti IMG web demo video .

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