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Do Good. Fight Evil. Have Fun!

“Resurgent” is the theme for the new, v2, re-launch of TakeUpOrg! TakeUp will again be a 501(c)(4) Non-Profit Organization (we’re re—launching the original organization and so getting records across 19 years years is taking a bit longer, but we thought it worth the effort) - funded by contributions that are not tax-deductible because we are seeking to influence legislation and the outcome of political elections! Please join our effort - our cause - our Mission. It’s the Last Mission for all Disciples - to Take Up Our Cross and Follow Jesus! And yes, that includes across these political and cultural arenas we’re engaged in!

Who would have thought?! The major task so far in the relaunch of TakeUpOrg has been finding offshore hosting servers that will stand up to Big Tech and the US government! But that’s where we find ourselves in 2023 — where many of us committed to speaking God’s Truth are being censored, cancelled or worse.

That’s one of the reasons that I, along with Brent Bullock, are in the process of re-launching TakeUpOrg, which you may recall was active from 2004-2008. Brent was active on a number of TakeUp projects, in addition to his work founding “The America Bless God in Texas” Campaign. TakeUpOrg is dedicated to “Kingdom Activism,” including in the political realm.

We are Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Pro-Church.

We're writing this to explain the mission and work we’re doing and intend to do — through online video production, writing/maintaining blogs and articles, as well as documenting our opposition’s media — similar to “Libs of Tik Tok” on Twitter. TakeUp is different in that we base all our efforts on what we understand to be our calling from God.

Our name is based on our last mission as Disciples, which is to Take Up Our Cross and Follow Jesus! (Matthew 16:24) And while we’re 100% Biblical, Evangelical Christians, our work at TakeUp is focused on activism, not theology. In fact, our Mission Statement is incredibly simple and straightforward: “Do Good. Fight Evil. Have Fun!”

The last line is included because we’ve noticed that so many of our Christian Brothers and Sisters are often despondent (understandably) over the situation in the world today! However, we’re reminded that we are taught to rejoice in all situations, no matter our circumstance (Philippians 4:4).

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to review some of the work we’re already doing, as well as consider the projects we intend to do — Lord willing of course! (James 4:15)

We need your help! Whether as a content contributor for the Blog, a video producer or editor, a Prayer Partner, a Donor, or even serving on our Board, there are many ways to help us in this great undertaking. Thanks for taking the time to review this first announcement from TakeUpOrg v2. Please let us know your thoughts!


Rob Hurlburt with Brent Bullock

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