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Quien es el Extremista? Who is the Extremist?

Daily we are bombarded with the recurring label of “Extremist” and “Extremism” in regards to recent abortion laws and the Pro Life movement in general. Rather than run from that label, a new Pro-LIFE project (Extremists for Life) fromTakeUp.Org founder (Rob Hurlburt) and Women On The Wall (Rebecca Forest and Alice Linahan) suggests we more fully embrace the terminology.

Interestingly, the idea for the concept was first demonstrated in this video project from 2010 which compared the Pro-Life position of (now) Texas Senator Dr. Donna Campbell with the proponents of Partial-Birth Abortion. This video, in parts inspirational then horrific, left the viewer to consider who really is the Extremist - and whether they are for good or for evil.

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